The mobile app and website industry is in its infancy and growing rapidly. With Demand Media you have the opportunity to take advantage of this by getting in early and establishing yourself amongst the many clients out there who need this service.

Never made a mobile website before? No problem!

The great thing about Demand Media is that you don’t need any experience or skills when it comes to web design! We develop all the apps and websites – you simply sell them.

Features of Becoming a Demand Media Partner:

  • Training material on how to build a high-value mobile apps business from scratch fast and easy.
  • A detailed Operations Procedures Manual to help you kick start your app business fast – you will have access to all our time-tested and proven marketing strategies that will show you exactly with step-by-step guidance on how you can get set up and earning ASAP!

Why You Should be Taking Advantage of the Mobile Marketing Boom

Time To Re-Think Mobile Marketing

  • 97% of all Push Notification  messages are opened within 5 minutes!
  • Today, over 55% of internet access is from a mobile device.
  • By 2018, that is going to 90% worldwide!
  • The size of the internet will double in the next 3 years, due to the low cost of activating a smartphone.

When you turn on your smart phone or mobile device.

What do you see…

Apps… you see apps. Apps Are Replacing Websites..

Never in history has anything grown as fast as the smartphone mobile industry.

Now do you see why companies are so desperate for mobile websites and apps?

What are business that don’t have mobile apps missing out on?

  • 40% will click another mobile result if a site’s not mobile friendly (Icebreaker Consulting)
  • 46% of mobile users say they are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing from their phone (Gomez)
  • 34% percent said they would visit a competitor’s site instead (Gomez)
  • 45% of US and UK SMBs [small and medium sized businesses] said they don’t have a website, and in both cases only 6% of respondents with websites said they were mobile-optimized. (HIBU)
  • More than 90% of SMB websites didn’t display a contact email, address, and nearly half lacked a phone number on their homepage. (vSplash)

As you can see, NOW is the time to take advantage of this rapidly growing mobile marketing trend.

Right now for a limited time we’re accepting new Demand Media partners. If you would like to join us and own your own mobile app/web design business, go to the sign-up page by clicking on the APPLY button at the bottom of this page.

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Neil Aluna

Thank you again for your interest in Demand Media partners. I wish you nothing but success in all your future business ventures!