Apps are very powerful platforms that enable a wide range of features to aid your customers experience and interaction with your business.

With an app, you are placing your business in your customers pocket or purse, ready to provide the information they are seeking, or to communicate your latest offer 24 hours, 7 days a week! Your customers will love being able to make a booking, receive a special offer, order and pay for their coffee or meals, stamp their loyalty card or just simply contact you at the touch of a button. Online ordering is a major growth opportunity for many businesses. Apps promote your business without taking all the profit in high per order commission charges, and they don’t list your business next to everyone of your local competitors

Push Notifications

Push Notifications have a 97% Open Rate and are a fantastic way for your businesses to reach out to your customers. Send your customers notifications to their smart phone informing them on any specials, updates or events.


When sending push notifications, a business can filter messages to their customers by subscription categories to target the right users and avoid hassling the wrongs ones.  Only users subscribed to a list will receive alerts from it. Essentially, your customers choose which categories they are interested in to be alerted about.

Booking Reservations

As the world has gone mobile, more and more people are using their smart phones to do everything including making a booking reservation. People like the ease and convenience of being able to make a booking reservation on the go, without having to call and speak to someone or stand around waiting for someone to look at a calendar to see if a time and day is available. Customers can now make a booking reservation from your own app. Gone are the days of manually writing a reservation in a diary.

Food Ordering

Offer your customers mobile food ordering where they can order food on the go right in your own app and see an increase in food sales. Statistics show that customers order more often from businesses that offer mobile food ordering and when they do, customers order more.

We have MANY app functions for your business to easily engage with new and existing customers, increase your sales and return visits and promote and strengthen your brand

Below Are some additional features that we can add to your app to maximize its benefits for your business


Get creative with coupons and encourage customers back into the store with our scan able GPS or QR feature. Create a coupon for when you are quiet, send it out via a push notification and watch the customer’s line up.

  • Design or create your own promotions
  •  Send a Birthday reward
  •  Target everyone or just people passing by
  •  Easy to set redemption criteria
  •  Drive sales with easy in-store redemption


Push Notifications have a 97% Open Rate compared to email or SMS making it the most powerful customer engagement tool available. Send offers or information direct to your customers instantly using Push Technology. Or create a virtual fence around your store so when clients are passing by they get a great reminder of today’s in store specials. Our push technology is cutting edge and incredibly powerful for growing your business.

  • Send messages within seconds
  • Send coupons or offers direct to your customers phone
  • Create pop up messages when clients pass nearby
  • Target everyone, individuals or just people nearby


Loyalty programs have been proven to increase repeat customers by over 60%. Leave old fashioned printed cards behind and let your customers keep their rewards in their phone with our market leading rewards programs. So simple to use – set up a rewards program for your business in just seconds.

  •  Reward your repeat customers
  • Encourage customers to visit again
  • Customise stamp requirements
  • Determine the number of visits for each reward level
  • Simple or multi level rewards



Your app comes ready with your catalog of services or treatments that you offer, making it easy for your customers to book directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to be on a computer or laptop.


  • No need to log on to your website to Order.
  • Eliminates the need of a Laptop or Computer to see your services.
  • PayPal ready.
  • Multiple payment options possible (addon).


With the unlimited price list, you are free to promote your entire range of products and services. Sell Gift Voucher, Coupons, Gift Certificates, Subscriptions, Products – Anything really ! Feel free, no reason to be selective with your menu.

  • Unlimited Menus, Categories and Products.
  • Picture, Description, Price and other attributes.
  • In Stock / Out of Stock option.
  • Variations and Combinations Supported.


Allow your customers to book an appointment from their mobiles.


  • Users can book appointments right from the app. No need to get back home to login to desktop.
  • You get an email notification of the booking.
  • User gets an email confirmation of the booking.
  • Hassle-free instant booking.
  • Name, Email, Phone, Date, Time, Service Required.
  • Payment on booking is also possible (charged extra).
  • Automatically confirm reservations with customers or have the salon staff confirm / reject.


You can easily offer discounts, vouchers, benefits to your customers on the go with your popular mobile app no matter what industry you are in.

  •  Built-in special offers option on the app.
  • Offers are synchronised with the live server to show the latest offers.
  • You can manage the offers from the App Control Panel.
  • Any changes you do on the Admin Panel, show instantly on the app.
  • QR Scan Codes Possible (addon).


Increase sales and clients using social media. Get people to Share Your App or Download Your App – not just Like Us. Your app comes ready with all social media plugins, making it easy for your customers to spread the word of mouth for you directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to be on a computer or laptop.

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Google+.
  • Linkedin.
  • Pinterest.
  • Youtube.








Sell products in-app.Food, Clothes, Jewellery, Services – Anything!  Let your customers order and pay for anything anytime directly from the app. Orders come direct to you for easy processing. No middle-man commissions make it the fastest way to add profitable sales to your business.


  • Receive orders and payments
  • Full Menu is displayed including Specials
  • Up-sell additional items
  • Include images and optional extras
  • Set lead times, delivery fees or minimum spends
  • Cash or credit card acceptance.


Your customers can now contact you directly from the app without having to remember your number, email address or even your address.

  • Call – Your customers can call you directly from the App.
  • Text – Your customers can text message you directly from the App.
  • Email – Your customers can email you directly from the App.
  • Website – Your customers can visit your website directly from the App.


Showcase your business images, videos and more using the elegant built in photo gallery on the app.

  • Display Images.
  • Display Videos.
  • Previous and Next buttons for easy navigation.
  • Touch gallery to share video or image option.
  • Show Before & After Images to convert prospects


Create contact forms, membership forms, surveys, or just general inquiry forms. Our in app form builder allows you to create the form you want in seconds.

  • Contact Forms
  • Surveys, Events, Competition entries, Wedding Hair or Make Up Requests… any sort of form
  • Integrate with Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact and other email programs

Absentee form

If a customer can’t attend a class, the absentee form will streamline communication between your customers and your business. It will save many hours of admin work with the ease of being notified.

Enquiry Form

We will create a fully customisable booking enquiry form. You’re able to give your form a title and set where the form is sent to. Then when you’re done, hit save and exit.

Show Before & After Images to convert prospects

Mailing Lists


Collect information from your customers so that messages can be communicated effectively such as specials, updates and newsletters. This acts as a database of your customers.