1. Do you have a back end dashboard that I can access?

    Once your app is published, we’ll take some time with you to show you how to use your dashboard where you can make changes to your app, check download statistics and send push notifications. The dashboard makes this a complete app package that should serve you well for years to come. We also realize you are busy and may not have the time to use the back end – no problem simply let us know what you have in mind and we can take over from there.

  2. Is my app free to download?

    Your app will be available as a free download from the app stores with no limits to the number of downloads.

  3. How will I know if anybody downloads my app?

    You can view your download statistics through your dashboard once your app is published. We will also send you monthly statistics of your apps performance.

  4. Will my app be in my name in the app store?

    You bet! It’s important that your clients download your app in your name, not a generic name or carrier’s name. Your app will be in your businesses name with your logo– what a powerful way to promote yourbusinesses’ s branding! And the icon on your customer’s phone will be your logo/icon, that’s valuable advertising space. Imagine your own icon on your clients smartphone – that prime real estate!

  5. What icon will my customers see on their phone?

    They will see your logo/icon that carries your branding. Your customers leave home every day with 3 things- their keys , their wallet and their phones. Where else can you find such prime marketing space at such an affordable price?

  6. How can I promote my app to my customers?

    This is our difference! We have several powerful time-tested marketing strategies that we can implement on your behalf to ensure your app is downloaded as fast as possible. Once your app is published, we’ll provide you with download links and QR codes that you can use to get the word out to your customers. There are several ways to entice your customers to download your app including email blasts, in house promotion, including your download invitations in your current promotions strategies or anything that promotes a customer touch. We will custom design these marketing strategies for your industry and discuss with you before launching them.

    Our marketing system ClientsNOW© provides you powerful tools to announce your mobile app and to make it easy for your clients to download.