About Us

Modern App Designs was created to meet the mobile marketing needs of local businesses.

We saw an opportunity to provide robust, feature-rich mobile apps at a price point much more affordable for local businesses.

10-15 years ago if a business owner was suggested to get a website – the most likely response would have been – “What’s a Website and Why Should I get it?”

Now the same question is asked for Mobile Apps.

When you switch on your phone…what do you see…apps, you see apps are replacing websites!

Gone are the days when having a website was considered an optional extra for businesses. Today it’s a critical way for brands to meet customer’s “anywhere, anytime” expectations.

Anytime, Anywhere, Always On, Always Available, mobile allows you to connect with customers like never before in a dialogue based on relevance, engagement and consumer opt-in.

We would love to see local businesses take advantage of this new technological boom!

We are proud to offer YOUR business a complete mobile marketing solution that won’t break the bank!

What We Do

We create high quality apps for you at an affordable price and provide you with the complete mobile solution necessary to increase your business revenue, get more customers and retain your existing clients from going to your competition.

Your app will be fully customized to match your brand, with features that will make your app relevant, engaging and valuable so your customers will come back to your app repeatedly.

As a result of investing in an App custom build and branded to your business, you will notice an increase in revenue, better time efficiency and provide better customer service.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ‘speak’ with every client regularly so they bought more of your products/services, felt extremely ‘looked after’ and recommended you to all their friends?

You’re probably don’t have the time to do this on an individual basis, so we help you implement systems which enable you to do this in a way that’s more efficient with your time, without losing the personal touch.

We Are By Your Side

Signing up with Modern App Designs is just the beginning of our relationship with you to ensure that we continue to give you our dedicated support and service. We will assist you with creating your New App, to launching it on the App store, to creating/suggesting effective marketing strategies using our propriety ClientsNOW © marketing strategies so that your App is downloaded by your customers and prospects, right up to celebrating the success of your new app and the continued growth of your business.